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We normally camp on greenfield sites.

Fresh water is provided although you are expected to bring you own sanitation with you this is usually required though disposal provision for same is provided.

On short meets 3-5 days, it is normal practice take your rubbish home, as skip hire etc is expensive and would add considerably to your costs. THS's usually have arrangements made for Dry-Waste, and some recycling is practised.

Electricity is not provided though is sometimes available on commercial sites, which are used on occasion, if this is the case bookings must be made at least 2 weeks before the meet. 

BCC Scotland requests that generators

Where their use is permitted :-
Are not used prior to 0900hrs and that they are switched off after 1830hrs.

Please run your generator for no more than 4 hours at any one time and be considerate to your neighbours.

Generators must not be left unattended at any time, and if so, will be switched off.

Exemptions to this rule are if required for medical reasons (i.e. use of nebuliser or similar).(contact Meet steward)

This restriction does not apply to generators being required for social events or other pre­arranged functions for the benefit of all members.

The organisers do have the discretion to allow use of generators outwith these hours for emergency or other required use.

This was agreed upon unanimously by the Members at our meeting 28 February 2009

Pets: Club rules apply, dogs, cats and rabbits, etc  must be on a lead at all times and this to be no more than 2 mtrs long. Please clean up after your pet.

Children are more than welcome and we have a few ways of keeping them amused some of the time. We even can come up with a competition or two.

Unattended Kids unless by prior arrangement, will be kept amused and will be given coffee and a pet to keep, till reunited with their parents.

PUP  tents;  please advise the duty steward if you wish to pitch a pup tent next to your unit so that safety protocols can be observed. No need to do so if pitching inside awning.

Pitching of tents:  Tents are of course allowed on our sites and a suitable pitch will be found for them relative to the size of footprint. Standard cost pun. applies.

Staying at a Meet, Temporary Holiday Site or on a Certificated Site?

If so, here are the guidelines you should expect to follow.

Club Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites

1. It is assumed that all Members will be familiar with the
    Campers and the Caravan Code which can be found in the
    Club Handbook.

2. Club Meets are open to Members only.

3. Temporary Holiday Sites are organised for the benefit of Members.

    Non-Members may join on site and are also permitted to stay in

    a Member’s unit upon payment of a one off Guest Fee, plus a small nightly


4. All Club camping events will have at least one appointed Steward

    who is responsible for Members’ behaviour and safety during the event.

5. Proof of Club membership is to be shown by all Members attending

    camping events when properly requested to do so by the appointed Steward.

6. Campers must not arrive before the published opening time and

    must not occupy the site in the absence of the appointed Steward.

   To do so is outside the provisions of the Club’s Exemptions under

   which Club Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites are held.

7. All Members, upon arriving on site, should report to the appointed

    Steward before pitching their unit.

8. If a Steward feels a Member’s behaviour, or the behaviour of a

    Member’s children or pets, is causing a nuisance, the Steward is

    permitted to ask a Member to cease the behaviour or leave the site.

9. Common Sense & Safety Rules on Site

    All vehicles are restricted to 5mph on site, this includes all bicycles, and    

    learner drivers are not permitted.

    No balls or games near caravans and awnings, or the Club marquee.

    No smoking in the Club marquee.

    No pets in the Club marquee.

10. Units, excluding guy ropes, must be 6 metres apart from the

     adjacent units. This is a precaution against fire. Vehicles may be

     parked between units, provided that a 3 metre clear space is left

     within the 6 metre gap at all times.

11. Children’s pup tents are classed as an integral part of a camping

     unit, in the same way as an awning, when they are occupied by

     children and when no appliance with a naked flame is used in or

     close to them. This means that a child’s pup tent is not required to

     comply with the 6 metre rule and can be pitched close to the

     parents’ unit.

12. Open fires are not, in general, allowed except with the permission

     of the Steward and in an agreed location. Barbecues should also

     be agreed with the Steward and sited well away from any

     camping units.

13. It is strongly recommended that all camping units are equipped

     with a suitable BS/EN3 approved fire extinguisher or fire blanket,

     and that members should be aware of how to use the one they

     have. Buckets of water placed outside units are also useful as

     near-to-hand fire fighting equipment.

14. It is advisable that each member’s unit be equipped with a First

     Aid kit.

15. The use of gas cylinders with a capacity greater than 15kg is not

     permitted at Club events for supplying touring caravans, motorhomes,or


The 'Big Sites' book, free to members from the Club, gives further information and explains the Outdoor access code for the different parts of the UK.

We normally pitch our units in the following manner: 

Caravan, Awning, Car - with the peg or marker at the offside (right) front corner of the unit. Different rules apply for foriegn makes of vans/& M/homes with the door on the "wrong" side. 

Now you know the basics we look forward to you joining us at one of our meets.

                 Any Questions please go to the contact page.